Steer Challenge

To the Landholder WESTECH Steer Trial

Westech Field Days invites Western Qld beef producers to take part in a feeder steer Pasture and Feedlot performance trial. The trial will take place at “Dunblane”, Barcaldine, commencing 6th Feb, 2017 and concluding at Westech Field Days, with a Luncheon, all results, and technical presentations.

A team of 6 steers will run in the same paddock, under uniform conditions for 14 weeks, then be sold, “over the scales”, Barcaldine to Mort & Co., Grassdale Feedlot for a 100-day feeding program prior to slaughter. All aspects of the steer performance will be monitored, recorded and provided to participants including pasture weight gains, feedlot performance and carcass feedback.

  • Collaboration with DAF and Producers,
  • Utilising WALK OVER WEIGH and REMOTE PASTURE SENSING Technology Providing participants with Regular updates
  • Prizes will be allotted to the teams that perform best in each aspect of the trial
  1. Westech Steer Trial data – Property Report
  2. Westech Steer Trial – NIRS Upate Feb17
  3. Westech Steer Trial –Memo from Tom.
  4. Westech Steer Trial – Entry Weights and Induction
  5. Westech Steer Trial – Site Land Condition – 13.02.2017
  6. Westech Steer Trial – Forage Budget – 13.02.2017


$3000 Prize Pool

Please contact Tom Chandler on 0407511633 / for more information or to enter a team. Numbers are Limited!


Terms & Conditions

  1. Nominations close – Friday 20 January 2017.
  2. Entry Fee –Nil.
  3. Entries to be 6 vendor bred steers ideally 300-380kgs, 0-2 teeth. Steers may be HGP treated. Each steer to be identified with numbered tag with Vendor or property name.
  4. All entries to be delivered to Barcaldine by Sunday 5 February 2017.
  5. 14 week pasture trial will be conducted at ‘Gretel’ Barcaldine. Agistment will be charged at $4/head/week +GST.
  6. Westech Field Days Committee will organise NLIS transfers.
  7. All entries will be inducted Mon 6 February 2017. All will receive standard animal health treatment.
  8. Initial weight will be taken 2 weeks after arrival to standardize conditions.
  9. Pasture trial end- Sunday 14 May 2017 Final weight taken. Steers will be delivered to Barcaldine saleyards for sale to Mort & Co Grassdale Feedlot Dalby. Elders Barcaldine will conduct sale with commission, agistment & saleyard fees to be deducted from sale proceeds.
  10. Mort & Co will feed trial steers as 1 lot providing all feeding & carcass data back to Westech.
  11. Exhibitors will be invited to attend a luncheon at Westech Field Days on Wednesday 13 September 2017 for presentation/analysis of all trial data & presentation of prizes.
  12. Prizes will be awarded to best performing team of steers in 4 categories –
    1. Best paddock weight gain
    2. Best Feedlot weight gain
    3. Best carcass results ( grid compliance/ MSA points )
    4. Best overall ranking

The Steers look great, and the timing couldn’t be better to go onto grain, with a cold change, a failed summer, and a decline in available protein.

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